We will be using this as a timeline to show you exactly where we are in a pre-order process. Previously, we would have a preorder sale and not have another one until we completed the process of getting everyone their orders. Moving forward, we will take preorders for items on a rolling bases, but we want to make sure everyone is informed on where in the process (because its a long one) we are with specific pre-orders as we make this change!

These updates will be posted here, as well as on our Instagram Highlights labeled "Preorders". Moving forward, we hope this makes it easier to know exactly where we are, so you don't have to message/email us for updates!



    GOOD NEWS:  1/3 of our shipment (20+ boxes) is now in our warehouse!

    BAD NEWS: There will be a small delay due to the manufacturer not initially making enough custom color fabric, and they needed more time to press the rhinestone logos onto the items to ensure they last as long as possible. These issues have already been fixed, & they’ve been shipped out, however, it pushed our estimated timeline back just a tiny bit. Items should still ship this month!

    MORE GOOD NEWS: We anticipate receiving all 60+ remaining packages from our manufacturer this month.