Size Chart Questions:

The two most inquired-about size charts are for our baby tees and velour shorts.

Baby Tees: The measurements provided are for the chest width across, not the FULL bust circumference. To find your chest size, take one of your favorite fitted shirts and measure the area right below the armpits. Keep in mind that baby tees have a snug fit but offer good stretch, more so than your average t-shirt.

Velour Shorts: The waist of our velour shorts is very stretchy. We've tested the stretch and confirmed that the waist can extend 4-6 inches beyond the listed sizeAdditionally, there is a drawstring to tighten if needed. For example, if you have a 35-inch waist, you could fit a size S-XL depending on your hip size and how tight you want it to fit. If you've ordered from us before, you're likely familiar with the slightly stretchy material, so your choice will depend on whether you prefer a fitted or looser look.